Email Marketing

The Best Email Marketing Strategy

The most affordable, efficient and quick way of delivering across your business’s updates, promotions and information are Email marketing. ARTIUS brings to you the most competent and understandable Email marketing services. We have both the skills and the various resources to make sure your message to your recipient’s mailbox. Also, our customers can enjoy the whole simplicity of full-fledged planned, focused and successfully applied Email marketing. Our easy-to-use resources help you easily from creating lists and developing updates and emails to delivering information and then perfectly tracking opens and clicks.

Unrivalled Levels of Service

Marketing Strategy
It’s important to maintain a listing of focused customers with whom we can link, communicate and also make sure best possible conversions. We can help you to do better focusing on millions of prospective buyers and then build your whole email strategy accordingly.
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Tracking & Reporting
Artius Email marketing services can help you to send large posts related to your product and service to exact target groups. You also have the option to make the interested customers via Email marketing or social networking touch points and engage directly with them.
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Template Design
Our bulk email developers use their skill-set to style a unique personalised email. We will offer innovative and technical skills in developing a message, using our innovative concepts and product development ideas. Furthermore, we can make personalised landing pages focusing on the email campaign content and better customer experience.
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Marketing Campaigns
After sending out bulk emails, we will measure the success of the email campaign and analyse the performance and review on the basis of usage, opens, click-through, subscribers, trends, hard bounce, soft bounce, social engagement etc.
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